About Us

Katon Direct is the foremost provider of proven micro marketing solutions specifically designed for the healthcare industry. The sophisticated technology allows clients to target both message and market, delivering branded opportunities never received through any other strategy. Katon Direct has the only direct recruitment solutions that allow a message to reach a targeted audience.

Katon Direct has the largest healthcare professional database with over 8 million contacts which includes pertinent information regarding career history. Each contact is cleansed through a proprietary process to achieve data accuracy. Katon Direct’s recruiting and talent acquisition solutions have helped healthcare facilities fill thousands of industry specific jobs, by providing cost-effective strategies with proven results.

The services provided by Katon Direct have measurably improved our recruitment efforts. Our relationship with Katon has resulted in overall lower costs-per-hire and consistent increases in career event attendance, leading to the uncovering of considerable passive candidate talent in a variety of specialty areas. Katon’s ability to produce tangible results has made them an invaluable member of our extended recruitment team.